Leadership Quotes

Leadership Quotes

Leadership is primarily about two things, motivation and direction. Motivation is to get your team to where you want them to go and direction is to tell them where to go. Both of these can be highlighted in a good leadership speech. A good leader can inspire and direct their team with their leadership quotes.

Saying something which inspires and is easy to remember can leave a lasting effect on the team and motivate them to work harder towards the teams goal. A good leader will always put though into what they will say and what message they want their leadership quotes to convey. They will have a good idea what will motivate their team and how best to explain their goals and what the team must do to reach them.

Motivation can take many forms from financial to a sense of achievement or praise and recognition. Understanding what motivates your team best is an important part of leading them. It may be one of these things that works best or maybe a mixture of all of them. One thing that is evident is that positive motivation always trumps negative motivation. If the motivation is negative then the effort will almost always be the minimum to avoid the negative consequences but if the motivation is positive the team will be happy to put in the effort and will often go above what is expected of them. One very strong motivator is making the team part of the outcome in both giving them stake in the results and letting them be more of a part of getting there. If they are merely told what to do they will be less motivated then if the solution was found with their help and creativity.

Strong leadership quotes can motivate a team whether said by their team leader of famous quotes on posters throughout the work environment. Leadership quotes don’t always give a long term boost to moral and motivation but they can help keep the team spirit up and if they are related to the teams goal they can reinforce this message in the team and help the team stay on message and remember what they are aiming for as they work.

Leadership Quotes can reinforce the direction you want you team to be taking and as well as explaining your goal and aim it can reinforce and remind people. This can be important as although people start out motivated and on target this effect can diminish over time, then as they get bogged down in the day to day tasks they lose track of the overall goal and the results they produce can stop matching the goal they are supposed to aim for.

Overall leadership quotes and good leadership speeches can be a powerful motivator to your team and help them achieve the direction you want. But it is important not to overdo it as the effect of each quote and speech will diminish over time and could even become de motivative if used to often.


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